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  • Fast Lane Technology develops online solutions for the financial services industry to help our clients build their online presence, improve their customer’s experience with easy to use systems and help our clients to optimise their websites so they turn visitors into sales.

  • Traditionally, complex IT systems have been a bottleneck to business innovation, making it hard to access markets quickly. So we set out to create an Internet-based solution to simplify the process to sell personal lines of insurance to handle the entire sales lifecycle in real time, which requires no software to install, no hardware to buy, no additional layers of IT and no increase in head count.

  • Zuna has been built from scratch on entirely new technology for the Insurance Industry to allow the Insurers, brokers, underwriters and insurance resellers to become an online one-stop-shop for all of their customer's insurance needs. Completely Web based and Cloud compatible and handles all important aspects of General and Life Insurance policies.

  • Zuna gives you overall control over your sales, claims, and to have total control over pricing policy.

  • Zuna fits in with your existing website to allow your customers to access quotes and buy online and to provide an added service to contribute to a more satisfying customer experience and to bring awareness for other insurance products currently not sold to your clients.

  • Zuna has the flexibility of customizations to match the specific needs of clients for achieving their business goal of good service and revenue generation.We tailor your website to your company's brand with all your colours logos and images to match your companies themes.

  • Zuna is fully configurable and can be customized for any language, any currency and any insurance product, which enables you to enter personal lines of insurance markets to sell and renew policies quickly, easily at very low costs.

  • Zuna tested platform allows customers to easily navigate pages to retrieve quotes and find the information they require A one-stop shop for all matters relating to consumer insurance

  • Zuna can be used by customers directly online or installed on local servers for use in branches

  • Zuna is fully configurable whether you have a simple product or complex multiple products. Zuna’s flexible platform can deliver your insurance products online.

  • Zuna has the flexibility where you can quickly amend and refine product features, rating tables, pricing and documentation

  • Zuna insurance software is bilingual.

  • Zuna is 100% web based; your data is stored safely on Windows Standard machines at a secure location, and automatically backed up daily. The communication between the client and Server is through Standard SSL, which provides further security to the system. Techniques like Encryption have also been applied to safeguard crucial Data on the Server and in the Database.

  • Web services are hosted with hosts that provide redundant communication lines and emergency power backup, dual routers for greater redundancy, storage clusters for improved reliability, a state-of-the-art firewall for tighter security, and network connection for better performance. All files are store in at least two locations to ensure reliability and all files are recoverable for disaster recovery planning and further we use two other back up sites for our programs and data.

  • Payments can be made by credit, debit cards online or by using the online banking bill payment system. Not only is it more secure, but credit card providers, as well as banks, make the process practically seamless

  • Supports multiple secure payment solution

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